Apple releases Safari 3.1 for Mac and Windows

And there was much rejoicing.

Safari 3.1

Apple has released an updated version of the Safari web browser with a slew of performance, compatibility, and reliability tweaks. Safari 3.1 also adds support for CSS 3 web fonts, HTML 5 audio and video elements, and other web standards. Safari was the first browser to pass the Acid2 standards test, but like pretty much every other browser available today, it fails to pass the Acid3 test.

The update also includes:

  • Improved JavaScript performance
  • Enhancements to the Windows version including localization in 16 languages, Improved back/forward performance, and better pop-up blocking
  • Double clicking on the tab bar opens a new tab
  • URL metadata is included when images are dragged or saved from the browser
  • Supports trackpad gestures for back, forward, and magnify on MacBook AIR and Pro computers

You can either download a standalone installer for Safari 3.1 or download the application through Apple’s software update tool.

Thanks to DownloadSquad for the heads up.