The 60 Second Keynote!

I love Mahalo for this kind of stuff. This truly is the only way to watch his Steveness with out being affect by the Reality Distortion Field. I must admit that into the 58th second, I could start to feel it.

So far my favourite review is from Scott Davis, who was force fed the keynote by Adi and I at the office. Here are my two favourite quotes of his :

In his Cultnote, HRS floated another biscuit called AIR. A notebook the size and weight of bathroom tissue, touted as the best, the skinniest and the flattest thing this year save the latest batch of European Supermodels. A dubious distinction but no Mickey Mouse about this latest iCrap.

You can pinch, rub, perch and rotate your way to Internet porn just like the rest of us PC twits, whilst doused in the soothing light emanating from the LED display/backlit keyboard. That way, you won’t need extra lighting when mooning the iSight, slapping the Safari, screaming oohh’s and aahh’s, extolling the power of Apple for 5 hours, secretly wishing to become the next viral Leave-Steve-Alone poser!

Scott is absolutely right and describes the new MacBook Air amazingly accurately, all the way down to the multi-touch track pad features. You can tell he secretly wants one of these books, but a long time ago Scott made a pact with the Devil: Belza-Gates-Ballmer that he would continue using beige boxes of boredom with their Fisher Price interface dreading the next BSOD. Sure he knows all about the Unix goodness inside OS X and he openly admits he lust after the Cupertino Designs, he even own an iPod! But the demons of Redmond refuse to release the shackles on his soul. And without quoting Tenacious-D or getting all Jack Black, I am glad that he has fueled all those years of MS_sochism, Dell_usion and Asus_nine rebooting into writing some truly wonderful and colourful blog posts.