Happy 1st Birthday Go!

Google Go Language gopher

Google’s revolutionary new programming language Go has just hit a major milestone: version 1.0!!!

I know the computer science world doesn’t really need another programming language. We’ve already got so many to choose from it’s hard to find two programmers with overlapping skills. The only language that has really stood the test of time is C/C++. Granted Go didn’t make it into the top-50 on Tiobe’s March 2012 Index (neither did Google’s other language, Dart) but considering these languages were already on the chart while in beta is important (Tiobe’s index tracks languages that are actually used, they have to be more than a figment of someone’s imagination).

The other thing to consider is that Go is a server-side language, there’s no UI elements (no native at least, nor official). So now that Go is at version 1 and out of beta; and as the world of the cloud heats up where micro-clients on mobile phones and tablets hand the processing, data storage, and sharing to web services we’ll probably see more and more demand for a language like Go. Currently any Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, or OS X system can run Go; as for PaaS support there’s Google App Engine of course but we should see more PaaS support now.

So good luck to Google, and their Go language. Happy 1st birthday!!!

Source: The Go Programming Language Blog

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