Galaxy Nexus Owner Smokes a Windows Phone Still Gets the Shaft

It’s the sorry and admittedly one-sided tale of Galaxy Nexus-owner Sahas Katta, who claims he beat a “Get Smoked” Windows Phone challenge at a Microsoft store yesterday, but was denied his prize. 

A Microsoft insider has since tweeted that he’ll “make it right” for Sahas, but will it be the kind of right that includes a $1,000 laptop?

This story just reeks of (BS) MS Corporate marketing gone wrong.  The minute that this contest got started, you had to know that it was gonna be a little one sided and somewhat constrained in the rules of qualification. The test in case was for a cold boot and displaying the weather in two cities. On the Windows Phone you can configure the widget to display on the lock or immediately on the post lock screen. Regardless of the loops the security settings this guy had to go through to beat this already rigged test, Microsoft should simply have ponied up the lappie and made sure that test was never performed again.

When you run such a high profile test, you really should be giving the the tester the ability to bit the bullet, give the guy  his prize and get him out of the store as quickly as possible. Or else this kind of crap happens.

via  Engadget.