DadCast Episode 44 • The Kid and the Pirates of Id

Nearly Live From the Wendyhouse studios of Valois Bay…

This week the Dads managed to lure Steph out of the dungeons just long enough record a show before he heads off on his whirlwind tour of the Carribean searching for Blackbeards treasure which just happens be to Bluetooth’s headset. The also take some time to remember Gary “The Kid” Carter and the Expos, while commending The Habs on their tribute despite of the abysmal performance of our Glorious Ste-Flanel. A very Montreal show indeed.

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Show Notes:

Diablo III
Sunday Ski
Pirates of the Caribbean Cruise
Hitting 40
Le Colisée de Quebec
Gary “The Kid” Carter
Sonic Screwdrivers
Splitreason Goodies
Dutch GPS Fiasco

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