PlayBook 10″ On Hold For The BB QNX Superphone

the next BlackBerry PlayBook was on that list but given that development path has finally got them in trouble it’s now being suggested development on the next BlackBerry PlayBook has ceased. Reason for it? To concentrate development efforts on the next set of BlackBerry smartphones powered by QNX.

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NOTE: This is pure rumour and speculation. We like Crackberry but don’t generally report on unfounded rumours.

The only real facts we have are that there are 3 new BB OS 7 devices slated for release in August, these have been in production for some time and are probably going through carrier testing as we speak. The august phones will most likely still be java based OS 7 and they will still take up to 5 minutes to boot once you pull the battery. The fact that have pulled every possible engineering resource in to fix QNX is also a good sign, but news that we’ve know about for a while

That said, I am glad that RIM have stopped f@#$ng playing around with tablets and consumer stuff they obviously have know idea what to do with. We’ve said it here more than once here that RIM’s core market is the enterprise and great BlackBerry device, the faster they go back to engineering the next “Superphone” on a QNX system, the better. But don’t expect to see one till Q1 2012, mobility runs fast but not that quick especially if they are simply the pulling the Superphone trigger now.

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