Valois Bay SuperMoon

Valois Bay Supermoon SOC w Crop

Last night the moon was 14% and 30% that it has been in 18 years. So what better night to set up the tripod and 30 year old 400mm Vivitar Pentax prime lens my Buddy Al is letting me hold onto. Photo taken in in the Valois Bay of Montreal, Canada

Set Up:
Pentax K200D in Fully Manual
ISO 200
Shutter 1/200
Focal Length (35mm) 600mm
Focal Length 400mm
Lens M-42 mount with K-mount adapter ring Vivitar 400MM Telephoto Prime
Trusty Tripod

Supermoon 1/160Supermoon 1/125Supermoon 1/100Supermoon 1/80I took a series of shots 1/60, 1/100, 1/125, 1/160 but this 1/200 is by far the one with the most details.

I think I nailed it!