Apple and Near Field Communications

iPhone 5 will be remote computing on steroids | 9 to 5 Mac iPhone 5 will be remote computing on steroids | Apple Intelligence:

“The scoop is that use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies at Apple extends beyond personal security and payment systems and will also include solutions for remote computing on steroids.

As explained, the scenario could be like this: An iPhone user will carry lots of their desktop data and settings with them. When they approach an NFC-equipped Mac, they will be able to wave their phone and then all their applications, settings and data will load on the computer, even if it isn’t there’s.”

There sure as hell better be a way to turn this feature off. I don’t want anyone feeling free to suit their fat butts on my chair and using their chubby Cheetos-Orange finger all over my shiny MacBook just because they own an iPhone.

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