How Badly Does Samsung Want To Be Apple?


Samsung gets official with Galaxy Tab accessory lineup — Engadget:

“The two standouts are undoubtedly the Keyboard Dock and Multimedia Desk Dock, which each also double as a charger and pack a 3.5mm audio output, plus an HDMI out on the multimedia dock — look for them to set you back £69.99 and £39.99, respectively (or roughly $110 and $60).”


I would have to say pretty badly this think looks almost exactly like the iPad keyboard dock. Just look at the key layout.


  1. Yeah, it’s laid-out just like any other QWERTY keyboard they make these days – from a cheap-ass Belkin to a high-end whatever (I’m cheap, I don’t know any high-end brands). Keyboard layouts are 99.9% identical these days, I’d hardly call that “proof” they copied Apple.

  2. You mean Atari-like chiclet keys – they used that type of keyboard first on their Portfolio sub-notebook in 1989. Other memorable examples include the Coco and the PC jr.