DadCast 18 – Season 3 The PodCamp Montreal PreShow

PodCamp Montréal

Nearly Live From The Wendyhouse Studios of Valois Bay…

As we start packing our laptop bags for this weekends’ PodCamp Montreal, we thought we’d put together a special 2FatDads introspective / retrospective from all of the chaos that happens before we start the show. This is most definitely not a how-to white paper on podcasting but more like an inside baseball view into what it takes to get 5 busy dads in the same place or on the same call every few weeks. We’ve often said that the stuff that happens before and after the show is the best stuff, and here is 14 minutes and 34 seconds of proof. So if you run into us at PodCamp Montreal ask us about the bowling shirts or Home Depot or that time one of our guests drilled through our Internet connection and then tired to splice it back together with masking tape. It’s really us, and that stuff really does happen all the time. We’re not even smart enough to protect the names of the innocent.


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