The Leo Laporte Clause

Apple to Provide Live Video Streaming of September 1 Event:

“Any reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited without prior written approval from Apple. Please contact Apple Public Relations with any questions.”

This one line will forever be known as the Leo Laporte clause.

Leo Laporte Live blogging…
Joshua Topolsky As live as possible.
Leo Laporte Yeah, well, you won’t make the mistake I made and I’ve never been invited back. I just picked up my laptop at the iPad announcement and pointed it at Steve.
Joshua Topolsky I heard about this.
Leo Laporte Yeah, he gave me the stink eye too I could tell he could see me.
Joshua Topolsky You knew? He probably [ph] has a button (4:44), right because it’s kind of a…

Leo Laporte I was surprised that there wasn’t an injector seat actually, I was surprised I didn’t go flying through the ceiling but I do notice that I haven’t been invited to an Apple event since but of course it’s only been a few months.

Transcript from TWiT 251