VIDEO: Darth Vader calls about his iPhone 4

VIDEO: Don’t miss the Darth Vader ‘antenna-gate’ spoof (s’funny) | 9 to 5 Mac:

““Are you seriously defending the new phone by saying that it almost performs as well as the old phone? Is that what the plan is?”

“The cellphone companies don’t share towers? The idiots?””

This video is so awesome from beginning to end and I’d pretty much get this Darth Vader on our DadCast if it wasn’t for the whole: “Say the wrong thing and we’re all death gripped or Vaporized” I just finished some of the Wendyhouse upgrades for Season Three of the DadCast, the last thing I want it to relocate it to some frozen moon base.

So when will Season 3 start?
We’ve been trying to coordinate a Summer BBQ for the Kids and Family and hopefully record a short live show in the Wendyhouse, but so far family vacations have conflicted with almost every weekend it hasn’t been raining. We’ll get there, I’m sure of it. One is for sure that Steve, Ben and myself will be at PodcCamp Montreal this year, we’re debating on whether we should try to hit up McAuslan for some sponsored 2FatDads Bowling shirts with our Twitter names embroidered on them. Leave us a comment if you think it’s a good idea.