Apple MacBook Pro i5 Unboxing

Apple MacBook Pro i5 Unboxing

This is my new 15 inch MacBook Pro with an i5 chipset, 256Mb NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M discreet graphics chip, 1/2Tb 7200RPM drive, 4Gb of Ram and the new high resolution (1680×1050) anti-glare led back lit display model number: MacBookPro6,2. For the record I’m upgrading from this:

We don’t do too many unboxings here at 2FatDads, usually because Canucks get the shaft and can only get new products months after our Southern neighbours even though we all know they are shipping these new shiny toys from China and delivering them a few degree to the North shouldn’t really be an issue.

You can imagine my surprise when this box arrived while I was in an all morning meeting last week.
Apple MacBook Pro i5 Unboxing

Ahhhh! That new computer smell… Bottled at my favourite Foxcon factory in Shanghai.
Apple MacBook Pro i5 Unboxing

Presentation really is everythoing
Apple MacBook Pro i5 Unboxing

And I must admit the packing is a lot better than how Apple did it 4 years ago.

The new packaging is almost all cardboard and only the smallest amount of plastic was used.
Apple MacBook Pro i5 Unboxing

The all aluminum Magsafe is just beautiful, fits flush with the unibody casing and has much less chance of getting knocked out of place with using the MacBook Pro on your lap and the quality of the cable as been improved quite a lot as well. I still fear about the cable overheating as it did on the White MacBook since it’s sits so close the the CPU heatsink in the case but I’m going to trust Johnny Ive and the team on this one.
The New MagSafe adaptor for the MacBook Pro

Even though this is not a new refresh, I had actually seen or touched the recently redesigned remote control. Trust me when I say this thing is a BEEEE-auty.
Apple MacBook Pro i5 Unboxing

I’m pretty pleased with finally “going pro” and also going big! Wow the display is big and bright. And the anti-glare (matte for you and me) is totally worth the extra loonies. No more stupid neon light glare. The resolution is 1680x 1050, that is the maximum resolution of my 22inch Dell & Samsung monitors, all on a 15 Inch screen. Also thank Apple for not actually calling it HD, high resolution will do me just fine.
Apple MacBook Pro i5 AntiGlare Screen

So shall we turn this thing on?
Apple MacBook Pro i5 Unboxing

Did I mention how bright the screen is? It seriously makes the White MacBook’s screen look yellow. In fact, it makes the 4 year old white MacBook casing look yellow.
Apple MacBook Pro i5 Unboxing

i5 Baaabyyy!

So there you go my new MacBook Pro i5 Unboxed by a fairly large Canuck!

All of your Fanboy remarks in the Comments please!


  1. I noticed the spelling mistakes get really bad after the picture of you with your nose in the plastic bag! I guess those i5 MBP must be really intoxicating!

  2. Congrats on the new shiny!! Great lookin' machine you got there!
    Now the Dadcasts post-prod won't be slowed by anything, anymore…