The REAL Canuck Telco Landscape

I did not want to venture in the waters surrounding the launch of the Wind’s network and their new airtime plans, however as usual, my good friend and colleague, Mr Schultzter has dragged me into the lake kicking and screaming.

Unfortunately, his extensive Economic training is preventing him from doing any real math and showing you how much you would actually have to pay for the same device on all four networks over the course of a three year contract or in Wind’s case their Un-Contract.

Canuck Telco Landscape
BlackBerry Bold 9700
$200 $200 $200 $450
$40 $50 $50 $45
$51 $25 $31 0
Minutes Included
150 200 150 Ultd
Data Included
Ultd 0.5GBb 0.5GB Ultd
Monthly Total
$91 $75 $81 $45
3 Year Spend

Ultd Wind Matching Local talking, basic email Local talking, text, email Cal display, forward, local talking, email All features included

Of course the un-contract portion is the caveat that he fails to mention. So, if you should happen to lose your job like so many of our friends already have in these troubled economic times, you won’t be forced to pay out in excess of $400 just to save on the remaining $2000 you would have if you stuck to your contract.

Needless to say, I think that Winds small localised foray in the Canadian Telco Market is a breath of fresh air that might actually turn out to the hurricane this Great White North needed. You know what they say about that Butterfly flapping it’s wings in the Okanagan Valley causing the Bluenose to list in Halifax… or something like that.