Avatar Review, on this episode of Flacking the Flicks.

I ‘ve just saw Avatar and as you’ve read in my previous entry, I made a couple of WAGs (wild-assed guesses) and must now adress these issues.

**No Spoilers – not for this one.**

It’s simple really, go see it.

I said James Cameron would deliver the Visual Candy…and man! does he ever.  The Oomph Factor is off the chart, only because it’s mostly computer controlled animation and in that respect, one can do anything,  if he has the resources and the coin to pay for them.   I can’t even fathom the quantity of computer power that was needed to render this movie.  The production must’ve had its own nuclear reactor on site to furnish the juice needed to accomplish this task.  I will not, rather cannot, get into the details.  It really must be seen, if only for that aspect.

The story, as I stated, is déja-vu all over again.  We’ve seen it and bought the t-shirts many times before.  Some things are not well explained, or rather, rammed down our throats so fast that if you blink, you’re sunk.  Other aspects of the story make no sense, whatsoever.  To recap; I hit some things, missed a few and came damn close to others, I’m tempted to call it even.

I have to confess, the movie stirred some emotions in me and got me lost in my thoughts.  Not many films have done this over the years but once in a a while, one comes along and helps me suspend my disbelief for a couple of hours, that happens a lot with the chick flicks movies. As you watch, you start to fall for the stunning landscapes and its inhabitants.  You become so engrossed that you can almost hear the call of  the Wild.  In that respect, you go Native.  You experience what it would be to free your Mind and Body, to forgo everything that defines us by Western Civilization standards.  The movie becomes your Avatar, your vessel to see and experience a Life that perhaps, we Humans, could’ve had.  This is where you actually find yourself yearning for the Great Outdoors and by that I mean Nature; unspoiled by human greed, ignorance and wants.

Avatar is a feast for the senses and as much as I said the story is predictable and simplistic (which it is), it raises dozens of ethical, biological, commercial, scientific and philosophical questions.  A good movie will do that.  It will entertain and make you think.  Check your doubts at the door and enjoy the film for the sheer beauty of the scenery and mastery of the digital realm by the WETA guys. ( ILM…pwned again!)  Take in all the messages, allegory and what have you and debate them after because the film deals with the Zeitgeist.  Never mind the length, it won’t be an issue unless you suffer from BPH.

Whatever you do, see it in 3-D, although I resent the extra toonie they weasel out of you…but that’s another issue.  You can be sure I will see Avatar again.

Here’s me eating crow, somewhat.

Rating: 5 out of 5 shells.

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