CRTC Set to Rule on How Much Bell is Allowed to SUCK!

Tomorrow, the CTRC will be ruling on whether or not Bell’s contronversial and a little bit e immoral practice of throttling it’s core customer and resellers, a group of more than 50 small companies represented by the Canadian Association of Internet Providers.

I blogged about this a few months back, the CRTC rejected a call for an immediate cease-and-desist back then preferring to launch and lengthly and costly public investigation in which time the general public continued to suffer at the hands of Bell all the while Bell itself opening up it’s very unmetered online video store. Even the CBC called Bell out when it tried to deliver a few shows via BitTorrent. Rogers amnd Shaw customers have been moaning their unfair treatment when trying to use Skype, a clear blocking move by the two ISP’s who also offer VOIP services.

A clear violation of customers contracts? Yup! And purely anti-competive behaviour on the part of the ISP’s? Sure! Will the CRTC cow tow to big industry pressure and screw the consumer it was set up to protect? Most likely!


Read more about it on the CBC

Thanks toSchultzter and Adi for the heads up.

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