Making the PHP Switch… Hello WordPress!

The 2 Fat Dads sites are going to be down this weekend with the slight exception of this blog which is hosted by Blogger (for the moment).

This is because we are making a move over to PHP after a very long relationship with ASP which became ASP 3 and eventually ASP Classic. Yes it means losing out on the awesome power of a very solid MS SQL server, but as all the sites ran off of the same database, it was becoming a real chore to manage the tables.

On the upside it will mean finally being able to adopt the awesome power of a superior PHP object oriented platform. It also means customised WordPress template and playing with the new generation of LAMP tools.

We hope to only be down for a short period over the course of the weekend, we apologise for the inconvenience and please don’t remove us from your Delicious bookmarks, blog rolls and Follow list.

We’ll Be Right  Back After This.