MS Office 2007 Discounted 91% for Students

I remember driving through the English countryside with my wife’s grandfather Fred as we passed a great big horse cart filled with horse manure and next to it there wasa shovel and a stack of potato sacks. A sign next to it read: 1 bag = £1. That’s all. I commented on how cheap that was. Fred just said very coldly

It might be only be a pound but you’re still paying for SHIT!

All this to say, the latest flavour of Office really has not changed that much. Even if you do get all the extra apps like infopath, groove, accounting express that can be paired with Free Invoice Creator tools, publisher, onenote and access, most people still think that Excel is good enough fro a database and that Powerpoint is the ultimate in desktop publishing. If your a student and you HAVE to use a Windows machine and you really need these apps, then it’s a great buy. Most of you will be more than happy with your MacBooks and iWork’08. If you pretty smart you’ll buy Bento/Filemaker and Quark. If you were like me, you’ll be running Apache on Leopard and PHP5 with a MySQL database.