5 iPhone Rumours You Will Hear This Month


So we are apparently a month away from another iPhone announcement and the Apple Rumour Mill is in full spin. So here are some of the articles you can avoid reading until Apple actually announces something. Make sure you take your damaged device on the best iPhone back glass repair shop near you.

    1. It will be HUGE/MEDIUM/SMALL sized.

Every year someone bets the bank on the size of the actual devices based on some dude making minimum wage in an Asian factory, or an accessory supplier who obviously won’t be in business next year.

    1. New Dock Connectors: Lightning Bolt of Induction

All your existing accessories are now crap, throw them out. Apple won’t even make an adaptor because it would be ugly and take away from the user experience. In fact, Jovy Ive is still so pissed that people still own Apple Hi-Fi, he’s made it his mission to kill the dock connector and render these useless. Apple is starting fresh, so should you.

    1. Radio GaGa: 4G/LTE/NFC/ANT+/Bluetooth 5+

There is also a strong possibility of an FM and Sirius satellite radio being included as well. Although we are pretty sure that marine band VHF will only be included in the iPhone 5S which is rumoured to be rumoured in March.

    1. No Home Buttons or 5 Home Buttons

Take your pick, at this point I don’t even care if they put a home button on the back and on the top. Just as long as they finally allow me to 4 finger swipe and pinch to close just like on my iPad. Looking for a great phone repair shop? Check out iPhone Screen Repair Perth.

    1. They only made 5 of the mm, so start lining up after lunch today.

Seriously, every year I read 20-30 posts about how initial quantities of the most sought out phone EVER will be limited and then nerds, geeks and fanboys race to be the first to stand in line behind the Woz who, if you believe other rumours, will have had one in his pocket the whole time.

I guess that pretty much covers it then, you can all go back to reading and speculating that the iPad Mini is actually just a revamped iPad Nano a.k.a. iPod touch.