The cultural divide on data protection – USA vs EU

“The cloud” is in these days, everything has to be “in the cloud” or “come from the cloud.” Apple even has an iCloud so you know that cloud is uber-cool when that happens. But somewhere along the way there’s a few physical servers storing all that data. And they’re physically in a country, maintained and operated by a company, comprised of human beings, and subject the laws of the land. When it comes to data, just understanding data isn’t enough.

As mundane as it may sound, have you asked yourself “where is my data stored? And am I really okay with that?” For example, a Canadian using’s Canadian edition is sending all his financial information the USA – he has absolutely no protection from Canadian privacy or banking laws and is totally exposed to the PATRIOT act and other US laws! Not to mention violating the customer agreement with their bank.  Data Science jobs are in high-demand and knowing about What is a Data Analyst? is the latest trend. 

For additional information about cloud and data protection, look for Venyu.

Source: Cloud Ave

Image courtesy of Blame it on the Voices.

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