My Thoughts on New iPhone Day

In about 4 hours, Tim Cook will take the stage for his first ever keynote as CEO of  Apple and he will talk about phones. That is all that Apple has said officially so far.

However this Apple and the mobility world and the Technorati can’t help themselves from making the wildest and most improbable speculations about what will really be announced today. You’ll have to forgive my conservative analysis on the subject but I’m afraid that a lot of geeks are going to be really disappointed and that some investors are gonna be pretty upset when the stock dips when Tim tells everyone he can’t actually walk n water.

So here are my thoughts:

  • The case design will remain much the same, we are in an evolution year.
  • A5 processor in some form or another.
  • It probably won’t be LTE and it definitive won’t be WiMax
  • It may very well have NFC
  • 1Gb of Ram to handle all the new Voice stuff in iOS5
  • A better camera chip 8mp in the back and much improved in front.
  • A redesigned antenna to accommodate both CMDA  (Verizon & Maybe Sprint) and HSPA (AT&T, Bell, Telus & Rogers).
On a side note, they will probably ditch the HD based iPod Classic and announce an iPod Touch with 128GB of flash but it will not have a 3G radio as some have predicted. But there is a chance that there more iphone cases model that will be released in the market very soon. The iPod Shuffle will also be replaced by the iPod Nano, basically the two products will merge into one.

This may sound a little  boring to most, but you have to remember that the biggest changes are going to come from those in iOS5. and don’t forget that  there is no way that Apple would release a different screen size overnight and make each one of the iPhones apps look wonky without giving a heads up to the hoards of developers out there.

So at 13:00 eastern today, just make sure you have a good tall cup of Second Cup Paradiso Noir or a Venti Starbucks Verona and enjoy your favourite live blog while tuning into and listening to Andy Ihnatko & Leo Laporte frantically try to find a rogue stream from within the room.