On Banning Apps and Care-taking: Apple vs the World

BGR reported on Tuesday about an application that attempted to trick users into setting a passcode identical to the pin used to lock their iPhones. The app then transmitted the PIN numbers in the background to the developer — albeit anonymously — who used them to publish a report covering the most commonly used iPhone passcodes.

via Passcode-stealing iPhone app banned by Apple.

Chalk this one up as yet another very good reason for Apple to continuously vet the app it lets in the door of the App Store. Over the last couple of weeks Apple really shown that it is dedicated to the best possible user experience for its iPhone users either by defending developers from patent troll law suits or by banning apps that take advantage of them.

It might be a little too much like Big Brother, but any company that doesn’t take a caretaker roll of their environment will end up with weeds, pests and undesirables. It’s just good gardening in the orchard.