Merlin Mann Hits CMD-Q on Quicksilver

It is done. Adieu, Quicksilver. | kung fu grippe:

It is done. Adieu, Quicksilver.

It was a good run.

So long, old friend.

I love LaunchBar—but she’ll never be another you.”

Merlin Mann of 43Folders and my personal fave, Kung Fu Grippe, is finally calling it quits on Quicksilver. I’m not sure if I’m ready to hit CMD-Q just yet, but I have to admit that since the folder actions stopped working in Snow Leopard life with Quicksilver just has not been the same. It still has not been a huge productivity hit but Merlin’s move Launchbar has made me think that I had better start planning something for when Lion hits.

Looks like I’ll have to be looking out for another MacBreak Video on Launchbar or another Quicksilver alternative to see what magic commands that Merlin could come up with.


  1. b59 just came out. It looks like development was picked up by someone else. I was never a power Quicksilver user so has been really nice for me for about 4 months or so, but after watching some of Merlin’s videos on qs it made me want to give it another try. Although I do some some of the simplicity of Alfred (the way urls, searching, calculator, dictionary, etc. work) I know if I learn qs I can do a lot more (and for free). May want to give the update a try though.