Sad day for Macstuff cabling.

Ahhh, our furry companions, source of comfort and pride.  They are also a weaselly bunch when they want to be.  This is what happens after you scold a cat for running/jumping all over the kitchen counters, knocking things down when they get bit by the Midnight-Crazies.

First, cats won’t get in your face and call you out for a throwdown…no sir, they go Ninja on your ass.  Second, they don’t attack you directly ’cause it’ll be a waste of energy what with that whole weight and size ratio thing.  They can’t break your ‘puter screen with a bat so they go after the one thing that controls your interactions with your gear.  They go after your Tech’s wiring, at o’dark thirty and like Mynocks, start chewing on power cables.   Latest victims, the USB plug going to the external keyboard (whew, still works) and my iPod’s earphones. (r.i.p).  Now I have to find another USB cable for my headphones with some sort of a braid to protect the cable from their bites. I was just looking at MusicCritic for some audio stuff the other day, I might have to go back and look for one. Time to patch things up and spend mo’ cash.

Now, looks like I get to hold the foodstuff awhile longer…hunger can be a powerful motivator in lieu of the Force.  Relax…I’m not as pro animal-life as those Sea Shepperd retards but I value my cat’s well being…one hour extra won’t kill her!

And no comments about how much better a dog is…they have their own brand of evil.