Thoughts on PodCamp Montreal: The Man who Jumped off the Cliff.

Aside from an SEO marketer’s p.o.v, a hard-to-follow Blog Mom Strategist and one attendee who failed miserably with his facts during the Q&A period, it was a good conference.  Not yet a Keynote Address (I’m surprised we weren’t able to conjure up His Royal Steveness from the amount of RDF radiating out of all those iMachines!)  The conference was a solid attempt at uniting a group of people who share comment interests in (non-professional) media broadcasting.  Most of the camp was dedicated towards Social Medias and their roles promoting said broadcasting but did not focus on podcasts themselves.  IMHO, the only thing missing from my attendance was the lack of content related to technological expertise/advice for the optimization of podcast production.

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Editing software, a good mic and great cans (go ahead, make a joke, I double-dog dare you!) a good podcast, these don’t make.  I’m not referring to high end production equipment choices but on production as a whole.  I’m putting myself in the shoes of a beginner who, by attending this camp, believed he’d learn some of the do’s and don’ts of Podcasting to get started…well, that person would’ve been very disappointed.  I mean, the conference was called PodCamp Mtl…not TweetBookCamp Mtl but that’s where the attention seemed to be focused.

Don’t misunderstand…I enjoyed the panels but this type of conferencing should try to included every aspect encapsulated within the medium being exposed; promotion, logistics and technology.  More ‘human derived’ subjects can also be shared to the masses; psychology in communication, philosophy of the media (Sylvain Carle did a great piece on ‘un-plugging’) and lawful use of the medium, to name a few.  These are just ideas within my view of things and should not constitute a demand.

A successful conference must not alienate nor frighten away but rather reach out to as many levels and as many individuals as it can.  The more one finds value, depth and strength within the content, the more people will attend, who will then spread the word.  In this case, legitimizing the Podcast as an important, versatile medium and not just a flash in the egocentric electronic pan

Thank you to the organizers.

Op/Ed by Ben NotKenobi, CEA. (Chief Executive of Angry)