Apple Remote For iPhone To Have In-App Purchases?

Remote2 for iPhone with In App purchases?

I got my shipping notice for the new Apple TV yesterday and this morning I noticed that there was an update in the App Store for the Apple Remote bringing the version to 2.0. Apart from the Retina Display optimization and the new support for shared libraries as well as the new Apple TV, I also noticed that funky little (+) sign in the corner of the FREE button. I always thought this meant that the App might include some in App purchases. And to be perfectly honest I don’t remember if they said we’d be able to buy our movies and TV shows directly from the Apple Remote as well as from the Apple TV itself. I would have thought that if the Remote was simply controlling the Apple TV functionality, it wouldn’t have to display a cost warning as the Remote app would only be assuming a dumb terminal function.

I might very well be reading into the tea leaves here but I think that the new Apple TV and AirTunes AirPlay could have a few little unexpected surprises for us.


According to Giancarlo Casale of the little (+) means that it works on both iPhone and iPad devices.