So What’s Your GeekBench Score?

Primate Labs Geekbench:

“Geekbench provides a comprehensive set of benchmarks engineered to quickly and accurately measure processor and memory performance. Designed to make benchmarks easy to run and easy to understand, Geekbench takes the guesswork out of producing robust and reliable benchmark results.”

So we had a little fun in the office benchmarking Adi’s new 온라인카지노 순위 VostroTosh install today. This cool little app called GeekBench will benchmark almost any platform you can think of, including iPhones, Android devices and even Sun stations. Well, we put it to the test on the VostroTosh which isbasically a Dell Vostro 3400 i5 running Mac OS X (more on that another time) with 2.4Ghz, 4GB RAM, NV 310M graphics chip and got a pretty respectable score of 4195. I ran the same 32bit version on my MacBook Pro (6,2) also with an i5 chip, 4GB of RAM and a slightly better graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M and managed to get a score of 4949 from a fresh boot. If you’re looking to upgrade your PC parts, then check out the reviews at

How the Dell e6400 running Window 7 Enterprise in 64bit and which cost as much as my MacBook Pro a few years back Did not fair so well. Spec’d out with a 2.23Ghz Core 2 Duo, also 4GB of RAM and the NVidia Quadro NVS 160M graphics chip this little beast could only manage 2550 on a fresh boot.

So how does your Lappie fair? Download the app here, run the tests and post the results and your machine specs in the comments. I would love to see how some of the high end workstations and gaming rigs fair. We played LoL on our smurf accounts from to test it out and it worked pretty well.