Auntie Beeb Considering the IPad, Old Grey Whistle Test

BBC trialling iPad – IT Business – News & Features –

“BBC CIO John Linwood revealed the details of the trial in an interview with UK magazine Computing.

‘We’re seeding the organisation [with the devices],’ he said. ‘We put some iPads into production and some into management and other roles to see if people would be able to give up their desktops.'”

When the grey jacketed doorman of the BBC whistled your song, you knew it was gonna be huge. So when your tech gadget get’s “trialed” by the Beeb, you know it’s gone mainstream and huge.


  1. I love this line: see if people would be able to give up their desktops. Seriously?! Give up their desktops for an iPad?! Their netbook definitely, their notebook maybe (assuming it's not an Alienware), but their desktop – I doubt it! I really, really doubt it!

  2. Are you kidding me? These are creative types. If they currently use their desktops like netbooks, no real apps, then who cares and let them save a few $100,000.