What Is The Last Thing You Do Before You Launch A Website? – Smashing Magazine

What Is The Last Thing You Do Before You Launch A Website? – Smashing Magazine.

This is a pretty cool article from Smashing Magazine. We do like these guys a lot and their Web Dev related articles are very rich and full of ideas, tricks, and spark.

Naturally, each of us has developed a process that we engage in as we wrap up a project, but a few procedures tend to be used over and over again by the masses like hosting Showcase IDX real estate sites. We know this because we ran a poll on this very topic on Twitter. We got many great responses, but the community tends towards a few common practices. We could see as we looked through the list of entries that certain wrap procedures seem to have mass appeal (judging by the number of times they were given as answers), so we began to examine the benefits they offered and what they say about those who fall back on them.

However this one did make me laugh a little. The last few projects I’ve worked on, we did even realise we had launched the actual project until one of our “beta” asked   us if he could use it for “real”. At this point, it became obvious that the customer or the target audience is usually so involved in the production process that they end up building it with you. Come launch time, all you have to do is remove the little word “beta” for the strap line and let it go. That is of course if you even bothered to put it there in the first place.