SD WAN Solutions

Most SD WAN solutions come with a built in firewall. If you want to be able to manage your network more easily and use multiple networks (even private networks) you’ll need to have a firewall to protect your traffic, and you can use an SD WAN solution, knowing it how it works and how to use it.
Firewalls are like a shield for your network, making sure that all the traffic entering your network is flowing to a protected network.

There are some very common Firewall products on the market.
Nortel have a Firewall and Gateway called Nortelgateway (a.k.a. Netgate).There are also some other products, such as Comodo’s Firewall and NODefault gateway (which are usually provided for free with your network).The last thing you should have in your arsenal is a dedicated server. A dedicated server is a computer that is run off of a dedicated network such as a router. A dedicated server will be able to access a number of different networks, such as your private network and the public internet, but will not be able to access the internal network and will only be able to access external networks. The downside to this is if a problem arises your private network may become blocked and the only option is to connect to your local ISP which is also subject to your local laws. If you do not have a dedicated server and you are looking for a cheap router, consider using the Netgear WNDR3700. This is a very inexpensive router with a simple setup and it also has the ability to connect to a NAS with the easy-to-use, free Netgear WiFi Utility. This will allow you to get a web server, FTP server, a file-sharing program, etc. with no additional expense. You could purchase a dual-port, 2.4GHz router with a wired ethernet port. You could also use your existing cable modem and/or phone line, but be careful to not get into the wrong area or you could get in trouble.