Hey Canucks! How Is Your iOS4 Upgrade Going?

To be quite honest, the results are a little mixed here in the Wendyhouse…

Steve McGoo upgraded his Rogers phone without any incident and managed to get his Gmail up and running with any issues.

However, I have not been having too much luck.

The install went well and the phone booted up with all my apps and settings appearing fine. I was able to sort my apps into some folders, play with the background, and even get started on setting up my Gmail with Exchange settings. This is when things went pear-shape or I should really say Bell shaped. I couldn’t get connected to the Gmail servers, even worse, I couldn’t even access the web using Safari. After re-syncing, a message box pop up stating that there was a new carrier settings update for me to download. The about page mentioned I was running Bell 7.0. So I hit [Update Settings] and ran the update, rebooted the iPhone, synced it again and funny enough, I was still running Bell 7.0. After a few more attempts at updating, syncing and rebooting, I finally threw in the towel and restore the iPhone to factory settings for iOS4.

This is pretty much where I’m at now. Once this monster sync is done, I’ll post my findings below.


After spending a few hours on the phone with and VERY patient Apple Genius restoring the iPhone, re-syncing it, resetting the network and then finally re-seating the SIM card. It turns out that my Data feature from Bell somehow got fragged on the network side and now needs to be re-provisioned by the Bell Data team. Unfortunately, they shut down at 8PM so the longest day of the year became the longest evening of my life as I had to sit around the house enjoying WiFi data connectivity. I am told this WILL get resolved today, but having been on the receiving end of Bell promises in the past, we’ll just have to see.