DadCast 17 – Vark La Musette

Nearly Live from the Wendyhouse Studios of Valois Bay…

Once the Dads finally got the show running, it went a little crazy with talk of social networks, Farcebook, we review gaming on the iPhone and Steve’s penchant for musettes.

The Dadcast is brought to you in part by Audible, download a free Audible today when you sign up for a gold membership. This week’s book pick is review is John Perkins: Confessions on an Economic Hitman. You can pick up the DeadSea Scroll version here or get it free as your first audible book.

You can also pick up Schultzter’s Arrogant Linux Elitist shirt from J!nx here:

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  1. I think we should put up a new button on the web site to collect funds so we can send you to the Bruno Brookes School of Broadcasting.
    Also I should have added the following bi-line:
    WARNING: Listening to this DadCast may blow out your sub woofers!