The Cataclysm is coming…

So they want me to blog more. ‘Pick any topic, as long as you blog’ they say. ‘Talk about WoW, there might be a few people out there that are interesting in whatever you have to say’. Fine, consider it done, this I can do!


Although I have been WoWing (short for playing World of Warcraft for the un-initiated) for less than a year, I can honestly say that this is an amazing, challenging and entertaining game. I can get online for 15 minutes just as easily as I can stay on for many hours (I’ve once played from 6pm til 4am only to get up at 6:30am… thankfully not a feat I’ve repeated nor do I recommend it…).

WoW Characters - A Rogue and a Paladin

WoW Characters - A Rogue and a Paladin

The varried races, character classes, territories, skills, and quests make this a game with a little of everything for everyone. I have already created 10 different characters/classes and I love every one of them. Although some are harder to master at first, i find it’s what makes the game that much fun.

To the credit of the creators that have enabled the game to be played by over 11 millions players, they have continually tried to tweak and perfect each race and class. Sometimes its been good (ask Mages and Rogues), other times its been painful (ask any Hunter). Through it all, the game as continued to grow and improve on the great base that it has built. Blizzard has already created 2 expansions packages, The Burning Crusades and Wrath of the Lich King. Both have been a huge success. Heck, one of my colleagues even went to get the Wrath of the Lich King expansion set at midnight when it first came out! Talk about dedication!

Basic world map

Basic world map

Now, the game is looking to expand and provide more to all players: the Cataclysm is coming. Unfortunately, or maybe its just to create more hype for this expansion, there is no set date for its release but from the preliminary work I’ve seen, it will be another milestone for the game. In essence they will introduce 2 new races, permit players to reach level 85,  and they will redesign some of the classic areas. The game will be impacted for all: even those that dont rush out to buy the expansion set will see the impact of the Cataclysm in their day to day play. Only those that purchase the set will be able to create a Goblin or a Worgen character or be the first try to reach the new plateau of level 85.

All in all, I hope to get a few of my characters at level 80 before this comes out. Its great to see that Blizzard, even with a cash cow game on their hands for a few years, will continue to improve and provide a new experience for all their members. Anytime a game provides you a new experience and builds on the hours and hours of game play you have done in the past, its a fun time and for some, time well spent (its better than watching the now unfortunately derailed train wreck that is ‘John and Kate plus 8’ or any of the ‘Real Housewives of XXXX’). Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get my Pally to level 50… or maybe I’ll play my Mage?

See you online!

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