One Small Step.

In 1969 to the day, three men were strapped inside a tin can and launched into space. They landed on the Moon several days later and proclaimed that mankind had achieved “…a giant leap”. The trip and its milestone, hails from a different era, a time when two super-powers were butting heads and trying to out-do each other. This feat however, was the killing blow and with it, comes eternal bragging rights.

Ever since then, we’ve put people in space in the hopes of advancing our “Raison d’Être”. So, on this, the 40 anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch, the STS-127 Endeavour shuttle mission is in orbit right now…but staying a little closer to home! It’s with pride that I will hold my head a little higher and gaze out at the stars these nights (hoping for no clouds!) because some 350 km upwards, for the first time in space flight history, two Canadians are living at the edge of Humanity’s Realm…and that’s very cool.

For those who would like to (maybe) catch a glimpse of the ISS or the orbiter, above Montreal, use the following link.®ion=Quebec&city=Montreal

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