No honey, no money!

I recently got a letter from the Liberal Party of Canada asking (begging) me to donate money to their “victory fund.” I have to admit that in the last federal election I contributed to the Liberals (both to Brent Fullard of CAITI fame and out of some misplaced sense of civic duty to my local candidate).

But what did I get for it?! Another minority Conspiracy…uhh, I mean Conservative government and a spineless, headless Liberal party in opposition (in name only). So I’m not ready to give them any more money until I see some action – let them put their mouth where my money is!

My first question regarding the taxation of Income Trusts at the Liberal’s web site, has recently fallen to second place (not including the votes for all the duplicate questions). It hasn’t seen any action. Judging by the site, none of the questions have seen any action since both the Accepted questions and Completed questions tags are empty.

And now the other forum where I had posted a question to Liberal leader Michael Ignatief is gone completely!!! Not just my question, but the whole forum!!!

So the Liberals better do something about the Conservatives to demonstrate they’re worth my money AND my vote – or next election I’m definitely voting for the Rhinoceros party!

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  1. Screw the liberals. They only party that brought up network neutrality in the parliament was the NDP. That’s where my next vote will go.


  2. Sorry, I can’t vote NDP (beside the fact where I live they only count votes for the Lib candidate). They may have brought-up net neutrality, which is very important to me, but a lot of other stuff they bring up goes against what I believe.

    And to top it off, Layton has a moustache. Statistically, moustaches don’t win elections.

  3. Hey we had an NDP candidate in our riding, sure he was only 12 years old and got about that many votes too, but at least he got to have his picture taken with Layton and Mulcair for the billboards.
    Besides supporting any political party is far too much like financing organised crime.