Blogging for blog’s sake

So here I am. All pumped and ready to write my very first blog to this site. Time to get the creative juices flowing…

Nope, nothing to say. Nothing at all.

What a boring first blog. Maybe I should talk about the troubles I’ve had with clients this week but that would be breach of contract. Maybe I can talk about the snowplough oblivious of what he was doing and then smashing one of my neighbours black garbage bag (not a white bag) into and all over my driveway, forget the fact that it could have been a body…

I’ve got it; I’ll get my frustrations out by talking about the speeding ticket I got from a cop talking on his frigging HANDHELD cell phone while pulling me over. Some will question my assessment of the situation and rightfully so, I’m only a normal driver, not an emergency vehicle driver. Well to set the record straight, I did tell the polite officer that I noticed he was talking on his handheld phone while pulling me over (I’ve got some big bollocks you see). He politely and pleasantly informed me that they are allowed to do so in the performance of their duties.

I checked it out myself nonetheless and yep, I wouldn’t get far challenging the ticket since the law states that emergency vehicle drivers are allowed to use cell phone in the performance of their duties. That begs to recognize the flawless sense of the law: when these emergency vehicle drivers are working, they are better drivers that the rest of us and can use a handheld cell phone.

Makes sense to me, why would they get distracted: following and not losing sight or confusing a car through traffic, dodging the ‘yellow traffic light’ speeders, avoiding the ever law-abiding pedestrians, being involved in a high speed car chase, or worse, trying to finish their jelly filled donuts while driving away from Timmy’s… And then they end their shift and become like us, normal citizens that have half a brain and no capacity to multitask when driving so they now can’t drive and talk on their handheld cell phone like you me and our former Quebec Premier (don’t get me started on his stupidity, unless you really want me to).

To make matters worse, we have judges who are at the top of the law chain and they can’t even drive and talk on their handheld cell phone either. I love our law system.

Don’t get me wrong, I love justice, heck I’ll pay the ticket without a fuss (not that I have a foot to stand on to challenge it with this brilliant law anyway). I think civil obedience and democracy are a load of dung. Communism truly describes our way of life best: everyone is equal, except that some are more equal than others.

It’s like the saying goes: do as I say, not as I do.

Sounds fair to me…

P.S. So why the heck do they still have CB radios then if they can use handheld cell phones?!?