Finally Goes Electronics: Front Page is Zunetastic?!?

Zune-Tastic Homepage has finally opened its electronics store and just in time for Christmas. The products selections seems like a good start, however they went ahead and featured the M$ Zune as it’s big homepage seller. I just hope this is not a forecast of a crappy electronics offering to come for Canadians.

So far the store is as you would expect of the Canadian Amazon offering so far: a small slice of the wonderful things available across the border and in Europe. The Digital Camera section only feature point and shoot brands with Fuji being the only digital SLR  available, to tell you the truth I did not even know that Fuji was in the dSLR market.

The GPS market features Garmin, Navigon and HP. The HP model is the four year old 2490 which you have to buy the Pharos GPS CF card in order to use it. I am a little disappointed that they were not able to offer the TomTom units.  The Computer Components section is pretty fair and includes: Linksys routers,  mid-range graphics cards from ATI, Kingston memory  and some Samsung LCD monitors. Quite frankly the prices are not very competitive for the higher and stuff and their is a much bigger selection at

I am sure the store will grow nicely over time, it’s just unfortunate that they couldn’t launch it sooner in order to fill their offering nicely in time for Christmas. To me this looks like it was rushed out the door to counter cross border Cyber Monday shoppers. Time will tell, but I’m not giving up on just yet.

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  1. That’s kinda cool, and kind of “who cares?!” For the people who only shop at big box stores this could put some pressure on Future Slop et al but like you said, the rest of us will head over to and the like for real competitive prices.

    Also, I notice some of the products (in particular Targus) have the American product codes so I wonder if they’re using a master database with products flagged as “available in Canada” or if they are actually going to ship you the American product (which could have warranty implications).