The Quicksilver-for-Windows Showdown

Quicksilver for Windows courtsey of

Before I owned my first Mac, Quicksilver was the application that made me wish I did. Luckily, slowly but surely, Windows developers began building apps intended to successfully attain that Quicksilver-for-Windows status. They started as simple application launchers, but recently the Quicksilver-for-Windows battle has exploded with tons of new applications.

[From LifeHacker]

Sometimes Dreams do Come true. I use Quicksilver so much, that whenever I use my Dell Latitude, I instinctively hit [CTRL] – [SPACE] and start typing. I have ruined the formatting in many a document by doing that. I have found however that it’s not Quicksilver itself that suprimo awesome but the way Quicksilver talks to OS X that makes you want to take it behind the middle school and make mad passionate love to it. Of course, I blame Merlin Mann for this infectous love affair.

If you are using a Mac and don’t use Quicksilver, get it [here] and of course unlike it’s Windows counterparts like Dash Command, it’s Free As In Beer as well as being Free As In Speech.

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