This is NOT the Hangouts 2.0 I was anticipating!

Hangouts vs SMS messages

Woohoo! I finally got Hangouts 2.0 on my phone!!! Time to activate SMS integration and enjoy the glorious seamless world of messaging.

Or so I thought!

The SMS integration is half-baked! SMS messages should be integrated into the same thread with all the other contact’s messages.

When I reject a call I often reject with a messagea text or SMS message. So when the person responds it’s via SMS, so if I have a Hangout with that person it gets messy, there’s no continuity.

Also, SMS messages used to produce a lock-screen short-cut for quick access but not any more with Hangouts! I know there’s some bearable work-arounds but the experience has definitely been diminished.

And from my PC or tablet I still need to use MightyText to send SMS (to people who don’t use Hangouts). Google should just buy MightText and integrate their functionality into Hangouts (and SMS Backup+ too while they’re at it – those apps provide essential functionality and they deserve more money than they make from their apps).

So basically, there’s fragmentation everywhere!!!

Ugh! Let see what are the other alternatives to the stock messaging app and what they’re like. See what I did there? That’s called foreshadowing! So stay tuned…

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  1. From my understanding iMessage does a much better job weaving the SMS messages into the thread.

    I know iMessage is more tightly integrated with iOS so I expect a little better UX there – not that Android couldn’t have the hooks to do it and I think they’re available in 4.4 KitKat so we’ll have to see if the situation improves.

    But I’m pretty sure iMessage doesn’t allow you to send an SMS from your iPad or laptop/desktop by bouncing off your iPhone. So in that regard it’s just as good/bad as Hangouts.

  2. Actually I didn’t want integration with SMS. Msg costs data, SMS costs rates, they are very different and I wouldn’t want to be confused. The immediacy of both are also different.