RIM Stock Drops to a Four Year Low

From TechRadar

It seems that investors have got the jitters as Apple nabs yet another key BlackBerry USP; iMessage is an instant messaging service for Apple devices on iOS 5, just as BlackBerry Messenger is for BlackBerry users.

On Tuesday, RIMs stock fell to below $37 for the first time since 2007, a tumble of around 3 per cent.

This year alone, RIM stock has fallen over 35%. Can anyone say Nortel?


  1. Let’s see: Nortel committed fraud and three executives are being criminally prosecuted.

    RIM just fucked up in the whole marketing and innovation department.

    There’s still hope for RIM, and plenty they can do – either by themselves, through licensing, or by re-focussing the company.

  2. I was actually tending towards the fact that both are large Canadian companies that led their market and totally fucked it by complacency and general arrogance. 

    The fact that even YOU no longer use a BB kind of hammers the point home…