Hand over your wallets! I’ve got an iPhone and you’re gonna buy it!!!

So Apple has generously reminded us that the latest saviour of our high-tech (un-American) soul goes on sale this Friday (our southern brethren were saved earlier in the year).

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 in black

And the usual tipsters have done a wonderful job digging up the non-deal-with-the-devil (or unlocked) prices. Thanks to the CBC we know that the 16 GB model will retail for about $680 while the 32 GB model will retail for about $790. To me that seems like a lot of money to pay for a phone (it’s still a phone right? We don’t have to download that app separately yet do we?!).

Now when Google launched their Nexus One Android phone to universal acclaim it retailed for US$529 unlocked (sorry, no references to “evil” in the same sentence as “Google”). Unfortunately, it is no longer available directly from Google. Even when you factor in shipping and the exchange rate you were still better off with a Nexus One than an iPhone 4!

Our buddies at gizmodo have got a nice comparison between the iPhone and the Nexus One (and couple other phones I’ve never heard of before) and we can see that specs and feature wise the Nexus One – albeit an older phone – definitely beats out the iPhone (and not just because it supports Flash!)

Now in the USA the situation is entirely different: you can’t buy an unlocked iPhone 4 there! You’ve got to get a 2-year contract with AT&T. Although you get the 32 GB model for US$299 you’re also looking at a minimum US$40/month for voice (450 minutes), US$15/month for data (200 MB), and SMS/MMS is on-top of all that! Now some would rather slit their wrists than sign a contract with a mobile phone provider – except in the land of the free you have no choice, AT&T has an exclusive on the iPhone!

A true fan-boy would think nothing of skipping a few latte’s (and making his family go hungry) to plunk down nearly a grand on a telephone that doesn’t work properly when held. But the reality is you’re just as well, if not better, off with an LG Xenon.