The cat’s meow: A response to Johnny’s callout.

I won’t go as far as calling SL a snow job, I’d rather call it a dubious marketing strategy, with much win to Apple’s portfolio! To unquote Leo Laporte, as he was only trying to be clever with a bad pun, Apple had nothing to hide with this latest update nor were they covering up for something glitchy with a hasty patch (à la MS).

10.6 should not exist this way, as it should have been released as a service pack, not a full-blown release. So why do it, simple…cash and lots of it. See, Apple Inc. is not in business to blaze the trail in the ‘Computer World’ anymore, they just want the profits. They already rape us with prices that are over the top…so why stop now? They’ve successfully managed to have everybody fork out cash for something that, Egad, every other company would have us download for free…(figure of speech, the file is way too big!)   Excellent work there, boys! For the new business majors about to hit the books this semester, take a page from these guys… never mind what the profs tell you.

Yeah, shiny, subtle new geekbling seems to be the way to go, what with Apple lemmings always looking for a fix, cash in hands. Snow Leopard is an internal fixer-upper with a few (fun, needed, cool-looking) cosmetic improvements. This update was akin to  a Montreal 5 à 7 ; we were served a few good martinis…very smooth,very tasty…but a speedball, this was not.

The tie be broke now, Schultzter