Google moves towards evil?! Part 2

In my on-going quest to validate Google’s Do no evil slogan I have more evidence that Google is becoming evil (or Microsoft is becoming good, but considering IE8 I doubt it).

When you highlight some text in IE8 you get an Accelerator button that lets you perform common tasks on highlighted text (like searching it, or looking up an address on a map, etc.)

When you enter a URL in a cell in Google’s spreadsheet you get a navigate button that let’s you navigate to that URL

Is Google Evil, part 2

Is Google Evil, part 2

Looking at the two buttons they seem very similar to me, too similar. Coincidence? I think not!


  1. Didn’t IE8 come out after Google Spreadsheet?
    So wouldn’t it be M$ that is stealing and not Google?
    But honestly, Firefox and even WordPress have had popup tool tips for a while now. I think this is just Microsoft attempt at following (re-establishing) existing standards.

  2. It’s not so much the features but the artwork they use. It’s so similar you’d think they were either collaborating or using the same agency!

  3. That or ex-MS coders are now employed by Google and are repeating (but tweaking) previously published applications. Of course, to prevent any legal action concerning “non-disclosure agreements”, those who have crossed-over have been hired as “Photocopier Maintenance Technician” or as “Floor Sanitation Engineer”.

  4. You mean kind of like at the end of the third (sixth) Star Wars movie: The Return of the Jedi, when Darth Vader suddenly goes Grinch (gets a heart) and throws the emperor into the Death Star 2.0’s power beam thingy!?

    Maybe that’d be more like Steve Ballmer throwing Bill into the campus power plant.

    Do you really think Google would hire ex-softies and hope to re-rehabilitate them?!

  5. Absolutely, Order 66 can be rescinded. Every cloned trooper will simply go through “Exit Counseling”. It’s just a matter of time and effort but it can be done.

    As soon as the Google boys are done deprogramming the softies, we won’t see any more of these…deviations.

  6. Apart from the fact that the Googleplex is hardly the Rebel Base on Yavin, I find it very hard to correlate the M$ / G00gle relationship to the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Google is more like the Trade Federation, not afraid to bend it’s own ethics in order to acquire certain Trade Routes: Great Firewall of China. I think Apple will always be the Rebel Alliance to M$’s Empire. So does this meant that all the Linux distros are like the Hut tribes and the rest of the smuggler factions?

    …Even I didn’t see this turning into yet another Stars Wars Debate.

  7. Give me break! In the very first scene of the first (fourth) movie the Rebel Alliance is bending the rules and claiming diplomatic immunity when they’re obviously on a secret military espionage mission!

    I figure Linux is like the Ewoks – kinda cute but incomprehensible and we don’t see much of them.

    BSD is like the force, invisible but woven into everything.

  8. Actually, Windoze is full of BSD code, as are all versions of Unix (as evidenced by the SCO v. IBM/Novell case), and OS X is well-known for being built on BSD. If not for BSD there would be no InterTubeWorks. And you gotta love anything who’s mascot is a daemon!

    Ohhh, now there’s a cool ad…

  9. I’m moving my ship out of the asteroid field. Nothing is more blasphemous than inserting a bloody BSG ref within a Star Wars themed debate.

  10. Actually Frack is used as a swear word on the planet Cularin, see the Wookiepedia entry about it here

    And feature in this Following:
    * Shield of Lies (First appearance)
    * Star Wars Legacy 2: Broken, Part 2

    Personally, I think your being a real Nerf Herder about this.

  11. Even more disturbing is the fact he disguised it with an “@” – like it was real swear word! Wouldn’t want the OLF to see that on bad enough we’re an English-only site in Quebec, now we’re using swear words not rooted in the Catholic church!!!

    Ohhhh, gotta check-out the hot chick in that ad (hey, when did we start accepting ads from!?)

  12. So then Microsoft’s loose interpretations of internet standards (let me me think… iCal invites not being recognised by Exchange/Outlook) is kind of like a ton-ton: Warm, fuzzy and really stinky if you look inside.

  13. You Sir, are confusing Battle Droids with Cylons. I’ll make you notice that Shield of Lies was published in ’96 whereas the term was used during the original 1978 BSD series. Reference

    No time to discuss this in a committee; you brought us out of light speed too close to the system.

  14. The OLF and all it’s Stormtroopers can go suck on some Bantha Dung. This site is hosted by Germans in the US (I think).

    Hot chick in the ads, mine just says Play Now!

  15. Crisse les boys (that covers the French content for today), lets be clear about something: Burg is right, the term frak was used in BSG and popularized before it was use in any of the extended Star Wars world.

    As for my view, if Google could sleep with Microsoft they would. Give me a break, have you seen the logo for Google’s Chrome… if thats not a nod to the master, then I dont know what is.

    With that said, I live in the Sith world of Windoze and I wont deny it. Besides, the bad guys have the neatest toys in Star Wars anyway (Jengo and Bobba Fett anyone?).