Google moves towards evil?!

Has any one else noticed how the favicons of our two favourite adversaries look quite similar?!

Live vs. Google

Live vs. Google

Maybe I’m just being paranoid but I’m worried this means Google is sliding toward evil rather than Microsoft rising from the pits!

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  1. I pray to GOD and Steve Jobs every night that you are just being paranoid. I admit the colour schemes are similar but your logic would also imply that Grisoft’s AVG is also turning to the Dark Side. Who knows, they might even expect you to start paying for virus protection…

  2. But seriously, Google has just rotated Microsoft’s logo 90 degrees clockwise and slapped a lowercase ‘g’ on top of it!!! I’m freakin’ out over here man…I gotta google “how to make a tinfoil hat” – no wait, what if they send me to site describes them poorly, or worse, they censor tinfoil hats completely!!! AAAAAAAAAAAUUUGHH………………..!

  3. Pssst…any foil that you use has GPS signal emitting nanites woven in. The MLB satellite is all over us, man. We can’t escape the EYE anymore….

  4. Yeah, Grisoft just rotated the logo 180 degrees counter-clockwise (I’m not sure if that makes it okay) and fiddled with it a bit.

    Resistance is futile!!! I’m getting my Microsoft tattoo right-away!!!

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