Google Reader Shared Notes: For Only The Laziest of Bloggers

Anyone know how to get my Google Reader Shared Notes to feed directly into my blog as new posts? Yes I am that lazy!

Seriously, I used to keep 27 tabs open in my browser sporadically checking various blogs throughout the day but this became insane and FireFox v2 would often just give and die as the amount of memory leaking from it’s fragile carcass would spiral out of control. That’s when I decided to check out Google Reader one more time. Chris Wetherell and the rest of the Reader team have done some great work recently and it has become my primary source for reading all of my favourite blogs. One of things that have made Reader much more attractive to use are the awesome keyboard shortcuts, my J, S, and O keys are starting to wear thin; almost as badly as the A, W, S, and D keys on the my old 486 lappy (the Doom machine). These shortcuts are essential for speed reading/browsing on both the Dell and the MacBook, even when using the big screens and the full keyboard, I tend to neglect the scroll wheel and just key through my daily doses and Tech, blogs and Stanley Cup Hockey news. Go Pens Go!

The other big player in my new found addiction to Reader is the mobile interface: IT ROCKS! I can’t speak for the iPhone interface as I don’t have one but after using Reader on the BlackBerry Pearl and the old iPAQ (my new bedside WiFi Reader / Clock Radio) I’m hooked. It’s great to be able to start reading a story on the BlackBerry, star it and then return to it on a bigger screen. And the stuff I read in full or marked as read don’t come back to haunt me over and over again like they would when I was using Flock and having to switch between the Dell and the MacBook. It would be the same thing in FireFox or Safari. Before Reader there was no real way of keeping on top of RSS feeds while being mobile even if mobility means from one room to another.

So now I’m flagging stories with Star and Sharing stories I really like with all of my Google Reader contacts: the Schultzter. Yep that’s my massive Google Reader following, I don’t mind as my choice of RSS feeds is rather unique. But every once in a while, I’ll find a story that I know would be great on the blog and coupled with Reader’s new Share with a Note feature, I could post items to the blog in seconds and continue with my reading. I know this sounds unbelievably lazy and you would be right. This is also why I got into programming to begin with, so I would only ever have to do things once. Especially if I did them well enough the first time. So that’s where I’m at right now, looking for a way to post my Shared Notes on Google Reader to my Blogger account. You would think that this would be a very simple thing and that lots of people are already doing right? Well So far it hasn’t been that easy to find. My latest attempt is a Yahoo Pipes mash up, although it looks really cool, pipes always look cooler than they are, it hasn’t gotten me very far. So I’m opening it up to the TwitterNetWebs to help be as lazy as I can be again.

I guess I’m looking for Twitter Tools for Google Reader.

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