Did Justin Long JailBreak his iPhone or was he Kimmel’d

After seeing the obvious Cydia logo on Justin Long’s iPhone, I had to snicker that he had actually JailBroken his phone and left it on that app page when the only obvious button in the dock is the SMS button. But then it occurred to me that the phone’s screen was being displayed live on the plasma/LCD screen above and that the only folks who can do this are Apple for their Keynote demos and the guys who jailbreak their devices to capture “screencasts” like Don McAllister of Screencasts Online. So what probably happened was that the Kimmel folks, who we already know are very savvy mac users, told Justin Long they could show is iPhone on a big TV without an overhead cam and simply jailbroke the phone to do it.

However this is truly an awesome video.

[UPDATE] Disney/ABC pulled the video from YouTube, if you are State side I’m sure you can see it on the ABC site or you could try Googling “Justion Long Kimmel video”