Who won in Google vs. Oracle?

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The headline over at Boy Genius Report is Jury says Google infringed on Oracle’s copyrights and over at Mobile Syrup it’s Jury reaches split decision in initial Google/Oracle case while at the Verge they say Jury finds Google infringed Oracle copyrights in partial verdict; Google moves for mistrial and over at Phone Area they have Jury renders partial verdict copyright infringement in Oracle v Google case and finally Reuters wrote Google infringed Oracle Java copyrights: jury.

What’s most interesting though is in other news about Google there’s plenty of stuff besides the lawsuit. But the Oracle news is all lawsuit all the time!

So whether they won or lost I don’t think Google really cares, they’ve already moved on! Oracle on the otherhand, doesn’t seem to have anything else to talk about.

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  1. Now that’s not entirely true, Oracle are very much involved in the America’s Cup World Series with their AC45 Oracle Catamaran. Also they might also be actively trying to shut MySQL down, but that is yet to be determined.

  2. A big company like Oracle is probably doing tons of things. But when I check the headlines at the time of the article it was the most popular Oracle headline but Google had several different, un-related headlines on the first page of results.

    Just sayin’