What the ZUCK? Facebook Datacenter to be Fueled by COAL

Greenpeace s’attaque à Mark Zuckerberg…et au charbon | Marie-Eve Morasse | Nouvelles:

“Facebook, fort de 500 millions de membres, doit ouvrir sous peu un centre de traitement des données à Prineville, en Oregon, lequel sera alimenté à 67% par des centrales au charbon”

Didn’t this guy to go Havard? Isn’t he supposed to be a pretty smart kid? Yet he continuously makes one more stupid decision after another. It’s 2010 and you are going to fuel your brand new state of the art Data Centre with coal? Just saying it out loud makes my ears and brain hurt.

Apparently there is whole bunch of stuff Greenpeace wants you to do to protest… But none of them are as good as to stop using Facebook and encouraging this little prat.