We’d Like to Thank You

Boreale Blanche Bien Mérité


Every once in a while it’s very important to take a few minutes to step back and simply say Thanks.

And today is one of those times. We, the Dads, recently committed ourselves to making the DadCast a regular thing. This is no small task when you consider that collectively we have 11 children under the age of ten, Not mention our full-time jobs and our incredibly supportive wives that allow us to escape our parenting duties to hang out in the Wendyhouse or respective Man-Caves to talk utter nonsense into the InterWebs.

Tomorrow we’re releasing our 13th DadCast and although that might be unlucky for some, we consider it to be a small milestone. Our DadCast is a now a teenager, sure it’s still awkward at times, rebellious at others and sometimes it feels like there’s an alien in the house. But at the end of the day our DadCast has a little part of each of us that we hope will help you out in a small way, give you a different insight into technology or simply makes you smile and even chuckle at times.

So we would sincerely like to thank each and every one of  you for listening, even if it’s not all the way through. It’s not radio so you can pause your iPod, iTunes and streams at any time and pick us up again when you like. And a special thanks to those who left us some kind comments on this site, tipped our Diaper Fund,  re-Tweeted our announcements, posted links to the show on FaceBook and took the time to rate the show in iTunes.  It really does mean a lot to us, that you care to share the show with your friends.

We also want to let you know that we’re listening too. We’re trying to keep the shows to a shorter more digestible length. We’re mixing it up whenever we can, we’re always gonna be tech and gadget focussed but if something else moves or annoys us enough you can be sure we’ll bring it up too. And you can safely bet we won’t turn into the McLaughlin Report or The View either.

So from Stéphane, Steve, Eric, Ben and myself, François: