Thank You Steve


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From the first time that I touched a computer, I knew that this was going to be a revolutionary technology. The first time I touched a Mac, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. From the Macintosh sitting on my friends Pat Casey’s desk to the Macintosh LC we had in the labs at Uni, the original Macs were fantastic machines setting the scene for the PC industry. When Steve came back to Apple and launched the Bondi Blue iMac, I knew it was about to happen all over again. The company I worked for at the time, made a conscious decision to buy a whack of Power Mac G3’s and even a few G4 Cubes for our designers. Even then we knew that there was something that these little funky boxes could do that you just couldn’t replicate on your beige Wintel box.

And then there was the iPod, holy cow did that ever change the way we listened to music. The day I picked my up my first Nano and plugged it into iTunes and started to build smart playlists, I decided that I would never buy any other computer than a Mac. These things just worked.

The vision that Steve had of computing, music players and eventually phones and tablets, is the work of a genius. Steve was the leader in so many innovations that have shaped our lives over the last 30 years. Steve was the charismatic geek that could convince the lay man that these tools could make you better at your job or whatever it was that ignited your passion. Steve brought the computer industry to the intersection and liberal arts and technology, he then went about to set up shop there and never looked back.

When I look at Apple, the company he left behind,  the legacy of his work, the passion of his vision, it’s all still there in the eyes of his colleagues. From Scott Forstall’s Siri demos to Jony Ive talking about the MacBook Air design, to the engineers, the account reps and all the way down the Geniuses at the Apple Store. Every single one of them have Steve’s spark when they talk about Apple products. I am confident that every one of them will continue to push Apple towards innovation and excellence and help us achieve great feats and create remarkable things along the way.

However I am deeply saddened that we will no longer get to watch Steve during a keynote, his smile, his enthusiasm, his invigorating vocabulary will be difficult to match. I have rarely seen other keynote speakers, let alone CEO’s, get the kind of applause, cheers and even standing ovations that he has received along the years. The warm fuzzy glow of his reality distortion field will be hard to emulate, I’m afraid it might have faded with the ember of his life’s fire.

Thank you Steve for giving us the tools to create, to innovate, to inspire and to share.

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